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All board members are non-paid, which means a 100% of your donations go to support the causes

When their families can't afford to provide for them or their parents die of malnutrition or disease, thousands of children take to the streets. In fact, one in every 15 children born in Bangladesh end up on the streets to fend for themselves.

Kazi Nurul Islam

President: Maharjan Orphanage Foundation &
Founding Member: Kamalapur Orphanage

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Frequently Asked Question’s

How can I help?

If you are in Bangladesh, contact one of our centers. If you are in the Western Hemisphere, the easiest way to help is by donating. However if you are in Texas, you may be able to help us during fundraisers from time to time.

At the US local level, a volunteer leader is helpful before fund raising (helping in preparations), during fund raising (helping in registrations, pledge distribution etc.) and after fundraising (by helping crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s)

Leaders know that they cannot sit around and wait for things to happen, they take responsibility by getting up and doing something. So it only takes 1 determined person to make changes start to happen. You can either help silently or join us by promoting our causes, or even be an event volunteer. Oppurtunity are endless as you can create them on the fly.

All we do is for the sake of Allah and we collect no monies for our selves. So if you volunteer, you are giving your time as sadaqa (we pray Allah SWT accepts it as Sadaqat Jarriyah from you).

When we operate we are organized and swift, as such promptness is a virtue we praise.

Our centers adhere to strictest and most practical precautionary measures outlined by the central and the local governments.

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As an organization by a few, fully vested in giving what is received, sometimes we fail to take videos or create fancy writings to keep us in the spotlight, because that is not our focus... we are here to help and not for popularity... we apologize for that!