Sponsor an Orphan for just $300/Year!

Please sponsor a destitute orphan in Bangladesh – Maharjan Orphanage Foundation has been supporting destitute orphans in Bangladesh as described below.

1. Kamalapur Orphanage

Maharjan Orphanage Foundation with public donation has been providing full support for approximately 300 orphans & destitute children. These children are being raised by Kamalapur orphanage home where they are provided with complete support (food, shelter, school, medication). Please visit Kamalapur Orphanage for the program and activities of this orphanage.  To go straight to the donation form for this cause, please click here.

2. Scholarship to Individual Orphans

Besides full support to Kamalapur orphanage and on the availability of funds, Maharjan Orphanage Foundation provides scholarship to its alumnus and vulnerable orphans including partial support to the talented orphans in general provided the additional fund is available.
Sponsor an Orphan for Just $250/Year

3. Dormitory Construction Project (for girls ages 6 -12)

Construction project is underway now to expand two floors for orphan girls ages 6-12 dormitory. We need to raise $12,000 for the project.

You may give your Zakat money to the orphanage.

To go straight to the donation form for this cause, please click here.


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