Maharjan Operations

Orphans in Bangladesh.

Kamalapur Orphanage: Madaripur, Bangladesh

Project Background

Bangladesh is a thickly populated, flood-devastated country of 140 million people, and 40 million live on less than $1 a day. The orphans from poor and distressed families are deprived of their rights and are forced to survive in destitute conditions, homeless, neglected, and uncared for. They do not get opportunities to get an education according to their talent. With a view to mitigate their sufferings, and to ensure the quality of education, food, health, skills and help them to earn a livelihood like the other segments of the community, Kamalapur Orphanage Project started its operation in the year 2001 with 30 orphans in a remote area of Bangladesh. As time progressed, we constructed a separate building for orphan girls, started accommodating more orphans (both boys and girls), and recruited more orphans & destitute children to our education system (Kindergarten, Islamic School, Computer Training, and Vocational Education) each year.

Our first project runs a full-time Kindergarten School (pre-kg – grade 5) with approximately 150 orphans & destitute children and follows the public curriculum. It also runs a part-time Computer Training Course for the orphans. The House Tutors keep track of how the orphans progress with the institutions.

Shahmadar Dargasharif Orphanage

Computer Skills Training Program

In addition to a specific mission, Maharjan Orphanage Foundation is sponsoring the computer skills training program at Shahmadar Dargasharif Orphanage situated in the district town of Madaripur, Bangladesh where more than 100 orphans and destitute boys are being raised providing general education curriculum.

The Computer Skills Training curriculum is a 12-week program designed to prepare students to acquire skills that are applicable to many entry-level general office occupations. This program provides applied skills training in most user applications of Microsoft Windows 7.

Khadijatul Kobra Girl Orphanage

New Tailoring Training Program:

In addition to its specific mission, Maharjan Orphanage Foundation is also the sponsor of the tailoring training program at Khadijatul Kobra Orphanage situated in the district town of Comilla, Bangladesh where more than 100 orphans and destitute girls are being raised providing general education curriculum.

Women have always been marginalized and downgraded to the status of subjugated class in our society. Due to the lack of specific implementation of plans, local communities especially women have remained outside the scope and benefits of government schemes and programs. Women have not actively participated in their emancipation due to their lack of economic independence and illiteracy. There is a need to address the issue by raising the status of women. Keeping this issue in mind, Maharjan Orphanage Foundation (MOF) started running vocational training programs for the empowerment orphans of Kamalapur Orphanage in the year 2013. Now MOF is going to open its second free training center for the orphan & destitute girls at Khadijatul Kobra Orphanage, Kotbari, Comilla, Bangladesh. There are more than 100 orphans & destitute girls in this orphanage.