Shahmadar Dargasharif Orphanage.

    Computer Skills Training Program

    In addition to specific mission, Maharjan Orphanage Foundation is sponsoring the computer skills training program at Shahmadar Dargasharif Orphanage situated in the district town of Madaripur, Bangladesh where more than 100 orphans and destitute boys being raised providing general education curriculum.

    The Computer Skills Training curriculum is a 12 week program designed to prepare students to acquire skills that are applicable to many entry-level general office occupations. This program provides applied skills training in most user applications of Microsoft Windows 7.

    The curriculum includes:
    • PC Operating System
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Graphic Presentations
    • Database Applications
    • Electronic Mail


    Computer Skills Training Program focuses on the students working together as a team, and to become involved in group problem solving discussions. Our hands on training practices will help prepare individuals to succeed in the employment field.

    Most jobs today require a working knowledge of certain computer skills. Employers seek and reward employees with the skills and knowledge to send messages across the country via e-mail; use a spreadsheet to create a graph and paste it into a report; add and edit data in a database; understand the implications of file sizes, memory limitations, and network arrangements; and recognize the function and features of modern computer components. Any job candidate who already possesses these skills will stand above those who do not.

    This course is designed to provide the fundamental computer competencies needed to survive and prosper in today's fast-changing workplace. The trainees will learn how to implement the powers of modern office software to work faster and more efficiently. We'll focus on practical application for software most common to the workplace. When they finish this course, they will have learned why employers consider technological literacy so critical to the success of any organization.