Orphanage: Hifz-al- Qur’an & Qur’an Academy Project

    Waqf is a permanent charity that receives continuous reward from the Almighty Allah Subhan-wa- ta'ala. A Waqf is your “Capital Gift” or “Benevolent Loan” to Allah in the form of a charitable endowment. The entire amount of your donation is invested in an income producing capital asset, your principal is remained untouched, and is never spent for any expenses. Only the income generated i.e., rental or profits from the capital investment is utilized for funding or supporting a cause such as this project: “Building and Running Orphanage”. Maharjan Orphanage Foundation offers the donors “Waqeefs” a beautiful mode to contribute in this “Hifz-al- Qur’an & Qur’an Academy” project for the orphans and destitute children.

    Project Background

    Bangladesh is a densely populated, flood devastated country of around 170 million people. The orphans from poor and distressed families are deprived of their basic rights and are forced to survive in destitute conditions, homelessness, neglected and uncared for. To mitigate their sufferings, this project aims to ensure quality of education, food, health, skill developments for the orphans so that they can earn a livelihood like the other segments of the community,

    Maharjan Orphanage Foundation Waqf (Trust)

    Maharjan Orphanage Foundation is constructing an eight-floor building on a 3600 square feet land in crowded capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. This building is designed to accommodate orphans and to run an orphanage on the first and second floors; the remaining 3 rd to 8 th floors (24 apartments) will be rented. The profits generated from this Waqf (trust) will be spent on sponsoring orphans and running the project. MOF is offering "Orphans Waqf" project at $12000 per unit covering an approximately 800 square feet. The income from the same unit will be sufficient to take care of four orphans permanently without touching the principal.

    Investments: Utilization of Charities

    Maharjan Orphanage Foundation’s strategy is to make the most use of the contributions it receives. Its policy is to ensure that donations are raised and used efficiently and effectively as per the laid down objectives. To increase the resources for charities and generate a stable income to finance its various charitable activities, Maharjan Orphanage Foundation invests the undesignated funds it receives in long term sustainable income generating project that generate maximum and regular income to support the trust financially.

    Impact analysis

    The project will be monitored at regular intervals through the Board of Trustee (BOT) constituted with the President of the organization and all the trustees (waqeefs). The BOT will nominate a secretary having experiences in recording and maintaining the book keeping, notification of meeting and writing minute meetings etc. The Board of Trustee will also form a committee with some reliable and experienced persons from the locality to administer the project, and they will be directly involved with the teachers, students and staffs in running the orphanage smoothly. They would meet periodically once in every four months and advise on various aspects concerning implementation of the project and review the programs/activities undertaken. The BOT President will be responsible for communicating with all the trustees (waqeefs), updating project’s activities, seeking their advices, inputs and practically implementing the ideas. The Board of Trustees will also review the accounts and the audited statements of the project.

    Our Confidence & Trust

    Maharjan Orphanage Foundation (www.mofbd.org) started its operation in the year 2007 sponsoring Kamalapur Orphanage Project with 30 orphans in a remote area of Bangladesh as a public charitable organization. Alhamdulillah after 10 years of actively running its orphanage projects with your generous help, the number of orphans increased to 200, and their presence are all around from Kindergarten to the University level. Now we are going to launch a new project, “Hifz-al- Qur’an” for orphans and destitute children in the crowded capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh.